Trainer Smoke

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215.00 $139.75 $


Steel N690 (58 HRC)

Titanium liners

G10 overlays

Stainless bushings

Brass spacers

Blade length 4.25 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 9.84 inch


Weight 4.5 oz

1 review for Trainer Smoke

  1. Suriya Jayasinghe

    Super high quality feel in the hand, unique trainer style looks like it has a full grind, but still dull and wont cut you at all. Very pretty. Weight is neutral to me, very grippy and flips great. This is in my top 3 favorite flippers. Zen pin/ nip style is perfect, chamfered edges and good angles do not pinch me while I flip. Sounds very nice as well. It comes dry, so you can use any oil you want. Blade is the right length and will never make contact with the spacers even if you were to somehow squeeze the handles together. Comes with an extra screw for the body, and an extra pivot screw. Also came with a small screwdriver thats fits the screws used. I do however recommend you do use a full name brand screwdriver. Pivots are TORX, body screws are Security TORX. Came with good swing, and slight tap on the safe handle. After looking at it, I am confident that the tap will go away if I switch one of the washers, may have been the customs. No blade rub. Can’t stress this enough, if you have the money laying around and want to try it, do it.

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