Pirat lite black carbon

(14 customer reviews)

99.00 $


Steel D2


Bronze washers

Brass spacers


Blade length 3.5 inch

Full length  8.26 inch

Weight 2.6 oz

14 reviews for Pirat lite black carbon

  1. Tristan

    Came sharper then any other knife I own. And amazing quality for the price

  2. Miloslav

    Balisong shipped quickly, is cleanly made, very sharp with regular cut. The fuse works great, thank you for the key and spare screw.

  3. Zachary J Johnson

    This is all around fantastic! Nothing to complain about this thing is super high quality and sharp! He makes a fantastic knife. And it’s a custom for $89…..doesn’t get much better than that.

  4. YantsenAD

    Первая моя покупка. Очень доволен приобретением. Превосходная работа мастеров! Так держать! Буду заказывать и дальше.

  5. Sherwin Johnny (verified owner)

    Great customer service!! The perfect utility knife which happens to be a Balisong!! Just the right weight size and shape for me.. can’t thank you enough


  6. Sherwin Johnny (verified owner)

    The perfect utility knife which happens to be a Balisong!! Just the right weight size and shape for me.. can’t thank you enough


  7. Sherwin Johnny (verified owner)

    Best balisong I’ve ever bought.. perfect price, perfect size, perfect weight..


  8. Dev (verified owner)

    Great little product, recommended!! Items shipped promptly and tracked! thanks again!

  9. Artem

    If you are looking for a EDC balisong, look no further especially considering the price. With the carbon scales and wide blade it looks beautiful, classy and not inappropriate for the office. The blade shape is perfect for everyday box opening or paper cutting. The knife comes with a nice metal pocket clip and fits into a fifth jeans pocket or any pocket in a suit. I’m not a flipper but this bali is obviously not for flipping due to the size and carbon scales weight but basic openings work as expected. The movement is very smooth and solid. Carbon gives some additional play to the scales but also grants a nice perk – the latch works as a springer despite not having a spring. As any custom knife mine came with small features or imperfections only I know about since they are really small.
    Overall this knife was an instant buy for me considering the look and price. And after I got it I was surprised with great custom production quality and functionality. Any balisong lover should get it as an EDC knife!

  10. FRANCO BELLINI (verified owner)

    The knife is very light in the pocket and very sharp and slices very well. I have been using it in the kitchen for food prep for a couple of weeks and I’m very satisfied.

  11. B. Darling (verified owner)

    Just got it! Very well made knife. Used it that day to cut some fiberglass insulation. Very practical and fun little balisong, would recommend as an edc.

  12. Alicia (verified owner)

    Great little balisong pocket knife.
    It’s not the best balisong for flipping, since the scales are made of carbon it’s a bit blade heavy.
    It’s very sleek, fits easily in my pocket, and is a great cutter.
    Overall, I would recommend if interested in everyday carry knife.

  13. Daniel (verified owner)

    I bought this knife to use for EDC around the house. It is very light, so not a great flipper, but it is the perfect size and shape for a fun and flashy utility knife. I am just very disappointed that it did not come with a pocket clip. It apparently used to come with a clip as of Artem’s June 1st 2020 review, but that is no longer the case and now I can’t carry my knife like I wanted to. Despite my disappointment in the price increase from $89 to $99, the fact that it no longer comes with a clip, and despite the blade on mine being slightly warped so it can never be centered, I still can’t stop playing with it.

  14. Shawn Conte (verified owner)

    Everything one needs in an EDC utility balisong. Love mine. Wish it came with a pocket clip but it’s Truly fantastic.

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