Nidhogg EDC flashlight

210.00 $


Brass case with flashlight Olight i5T EOS, made in the Scandinavian style in the shape of a dragon Nidhögg.

In Norse mythology, Nidhögg is one of several great serpents (along with Jormungand, Fafnir, etc.), a dragon lying in the well of Hvergelmir and gnawing on one of the roots of Yggdrasil. He also devours adulterers, false witnesses and heinous murderers.

On the case there is a runic inscription meaning: “the light of hope is visible ahead.”

Flashlight Olight i5T EOS comes included. The case is cast in brass, patinated and polished. Completely handmade. The weight of the product together with the flashlight is about 200 grams. Dimensions: length 83 mm, diameter 24 mm, finger hole diameter 25 mm.


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