Knuck Yggdrasil

115.00 $

Brass Knucks Keychain Yggdrasil. Scandinavian mythology. EDC Tool. Tactical keychain, knuck.


Yggdrasil, located in the Center of the World, symbolizes and at the same time forms the Universe. Its top rests against the Sky, and its branches cover the ground. One of the roots of the Ash Tree goes to the abode of the dead (Hel), the other-to the land of giants. The third root extends into the human world. From the moment of its origin (i.e., as soon as the world was created by the gods), Yggdrasil is already under threat: the deer eats its leaves, the trunk begins to rot, and the dragon Nidhegg gnaws at the roots. One day, the World Ash will collapse, and the end of the world will come (Ragnarok).

Dimensions: thickness 13 mm, total diameter 60 mm. Material: brass, cast, patinated and polished.


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