Kirat 2 grey titanium

(6 customer reviews)

245.00 $

If you want the best balisong for EDC Kirat 2 is your choice.


Steel D2

60 HRC

Titanium channel handles

Zen pins

Stainless bushings

Blade length 4.25 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 9.84 inch

Stainless+brass latch

Weight 4.7 oz

6 reviews for Kirat 2 grey titanium

  1. Lucas

    hello. I want to give you some feedback on your knife. Overall very good and solid. The bushings work very well and since they are bigger than the actual blade width they function the way they should. No tap and full swing. I really like the new version of your knives. With the handle flats and shortened handles they work very well. Keep that up. Also if I had to make any changes to the original design I would have made the zen pin cups smaller and more flush with the blade so when doing chaplins it is smooth. A gentle curve in then would help a lot. I also recommend trying to make the zen pins a little smaller. But you make great products a great price. I’ll probably buy another one if one like what I described comes out. I personally got a regrind to a Bowie I’m the blade so make it more rear bias.

  2. Devin

    Just got my knife today I removed the latch on it and it flips perfectly. Really can’t be happier with this knife and I am glad to buy from this company for my first real good quality butterfly. I absolutely love the shape of the handles making the flipping experience smooth and hassle free. I would for sure recommend this knife to others especially for it’s value, looks and performance.

  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    A 245 dollar knife, with a quality and value of a 400-500 dollar knife. It’s a great flipper, balance is spot-on (very neutral). Aerials are super predictable, fans are AMAZING (idk What about it makes fanning so good but it is). If you want to purchase as a flipper, please do. It is also an amazing EDC knife. NOTE that it actually comes with n690 instead of d2, which is a better choice of steel. Not sure why he has D2 on the description. If you watched the review on Will Hirsch’s channel, which I have. I noticed that removing the latch was way easier, and that the screws he used were consistent all around (they come with torques when you buy the knife). So in that regard Atropos has improved on. BUT LETS ALSO TALK ABOUT THEIR BANGER CUSTOMER SERVICE. My knife was on “process” way longer than it should have (around 14 days) and I told them about it, then the next day he instantly shipped it for me and gave a complimentary leather case for the delay! Awesome customer service. Will buy again. I’m sorry if this review seems a little scattered, but it is what it is.

  4. Alan

    An excellent balisong from an excellent company!

    The Kirat 2 (Titanium Channel) is the best titanium channel design balisong you can get for the price. The balance is neutral with slight handle bias, and the weight and feel are absolutely perfect. Considering the price and quality, it is far superior to other popular ti channel balisongs such as the ChAB and Benchmade 4x series. If you are a flipper, collector, or if you just want a balisong for EDC, the Kirat 2 is the balisong for you!

    What makes any knife from Atropos even more worth the price is their dedication to their work. Konstantin has provided above and beyond customer service that is unparalleled by most US knife companies. Buy with confidence from Atropos or directly from Konstantin, you will not be disappointed!

  5. Scotty P (verified owner)

    Just got the kirat 2 and I haven’t put it down yet. Has such a natural feel in your hand. I was worried about shipping with Covid and everything but I got this knife about 20 days after I ordered it. Honestly that’s faster then I probably would’ve expected it even if there wasn’t a virus! I could not say enough great things about the customer service at Atropos. Super nice guy and easy to communicate with. I have two more knives on the way already and I plan on buying many many more. If you want to get one pull the trigger and do it!

  6. Scotty P (verified owner)

    Just got the kirat 2 and I haven’t put it down Since I got it. Shipping was fast, I got it about 20 days after I ordered it from Russia to South Florida. There aren’t enough great things I could say about the customer service at Atropos. I have two more knives on the way already and plan on ordering more in the future. Pull the trigger and order some knives from Russia now!

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