Demon zen-pins

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237.00 $375.00 $



Steel D2 (60-61 HRC) or stainless steel N690 (58-59 HRC)

Titanium milled handles

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Blade length 4.33 inch

Full length 10.43 inch

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers

Titanium latch or latchless

Weight 5.9 o.z.

Additional information


Latchless, Standard


D2, N690


Purple anodizing, Sandblasting, Crocodile, Yellow anodizing

31 reviews for Demon zen-pins

  1. Clément

    A nice finish on this knife and the zen-pins look very solid. It’s also razor sharp right out of the box!

  2. Brett Colella

    After a long wait (29 days from Russia to Denver, Colorado, USA and not because of the maker, the fault is with the Russian post office) I have to say I love this knife! Arguably my favorite blade shape/style ive ever seen. Great materials and fit/finish with an extremely reasonable price. Only a few downsides – no pocket clip (but then again, where would they put it?) And no spring latch. Besides that, I absolutely love this knife. 9/10

  3. Scott Walters (verified owner)

    Textured titanium handles, hollow grind, and brass washers/bushings. This balisong is razor sharp, has a good weight, solid build with a thick blade. It’s what you hope for in a balisong. This Russian made tool is thirsty for blood, be flipping careful.

  4. Tom A Pettit Jr

    I waited 14 days to get my Demon from Russia to Wisconsin. The knife is very well built and smooth to flip. It came razor sharp out of the box and cuts beautifully. Very tight handle lockup in both open and closed positions. Bottom line is, You can’t go wrong buying Atropos knives.

  5. GPUabuse

    Strong contender on being my EDC over my Alpha Beast.. I honestly don’t know where to begin..
    What I like:
    – Comes incredibly sharp, like razer sharp.
    – Beautiful construction, nice finish on handles and the blade is a perfect grind.
    – Thicc blade, but well balanced
    – Practically flips itself.

    All in all this balisong was clearly made by someone who takes knife making very seriously… a legit work of art that can and probably will lop off a finger.

  6. Troy O. Maldonado

    The Atropos Demon (Zen). This thing surpasses any balisong at this price range, the sweet blade style is loved by basically anyone & the edge is SHARP. This thing has no blade play & the materials used are very nice and aesthetic. This is a truly solid knife.

  7. Rob

    I love this knife! I got it in N690 stainless, and with a pocket clip. The pocket clip is nice, the blade shape and steel is amazing, and it feels amazing in the hand. It is a simple look, but I like it. It flips really well, too. It’s my new favorite folding knife, by far. Everything about this knife is just perfect.

  8. Alexander James Miller (verified owner)

    Awesome knife! Fit and finish is perfect, came super sharp. I thought it would be heavy but actually light and very flippable. Love the channeled handles, titanium looks really good once worn in. Only thing I don’t like is that there’s 3 different screws on the knife which makes it a little annoying to adjust sometimes. I opted for a pocket clip and it’s not much of a deep carry, handles stick out quite a bit, also wish they just put the logo on it instead of “ATROPOSKNIFE” in bold letters lol, but overall really good knife, worth way more than he’s selling it for.

  9. Krzysztof Kozlowski (verified owner)

    Very good knife. I had the 2017 version and now I bought a new one. There is a lot of quality progress.
    A perfect finish. Great sheath. I recommend.

  10. Tomo

    This is one nice massive knife. Channel titanium, zen pins, great blade shape with a hollow grind. Nicely built with very solid tolerances. Amazing customer service as well.

  11. Miles Watto (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting on this one for a little while, and it’s definitely worth the wait. I went with the latchless zen-pin version of the Demon. Out of the box, this thing is shaving sharp, no tap, and a tiny bit of handle play. Balance point is right around the second holes. Channel titanium handle balisong for less than 250 bucks? You can’t beat that. Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality.
    TLDR: Buy one.

  12. Albert Colon (verified owner)

    I ordered the purple anodized latch less version for this knife. The ano came out very beautiful and the craftsmanship on the handles and blade itself is really good, it’s razor sharp. After flipping it for a little while, it’s definitely very smooth and the noise from the zen pins are very satisfying. There is no blade tap and very little handle play on the knife I received. Also not sure if it’s standard with every knife now, but mine came with a tumbled leather sheath without a belt clip, which is a good addition in my opinion and it’s also very nicely crafted. I normally don’t do reviews, but I would really recommend this knife if you’re on the fence.

  13. Louie C. (verified owner)

    Absolutely INSANE knife. I got the sandblasted zen pin latchless n690 configuration; shipping from Russia to the U.S. took about 2 months, but it was SO worth it for this knife. The way it carries momentum is out of this world!! Atropos did such an incredible job with this thing.

  14. Joe

    Such an amazing knife, they were even nice enough to anodize it green for me! It took a little while, but you cant rush perfection and thats exactly what you! Completely worth the wait.

  15. Thomas Lugo

    One of the best flippers in the market. It is just perfection. The wait for it is pretty long but it’s worth it and worth every penny.

  16. Nicky (verified owner)

    This is a finely made bali. Moves and manipulates great. Titanium handles are smooth and rounded and have a great grip. For the money the Demon is hard to beat. Very pleased with this knife.

  17. Phillip Lang (verified owner)

    I ordered two. Both beautiful. Craftsmanship is remarkable. Razor-sharp out of the box. I will be buying more from this awesome place. I am in the United States and customs is a little slow, but so worth the wait. I wish prosperous times on this company because the knives are unmatched in all the others that I own. Keep up the excellent work. From an old soldier. God Bless.

  18. Dave Cahill (verified owner)

    I ordered my demon with zen pins on new years day, went with the latchless version. It was on sale for $130, and the second (American) stimulus check just hit my bank account. There was no comprehensible reason to not order this knife. A month and a half later it finally arrived. The blade has heft and is razor sharp. The bushings and washers are buttery smooth, and there is virtually no handle play. The sand blasted finish on the titanium handles are grippy and keep them around your fingers. It’s also massive, and very heavy with lot’s of momentum which may be a benefit or draw back depending on preference. There is an extremely satisfying “clack”. The combination of being so fat and buttery smooth makes it an awesome piece for the collection, while leaving room to appreciate a lighter balisong. Great work.

  19. Dávid (verified owner)

    I got this knife the latchless version after watching a few videos of Will Hirsch and i never regreted it. This knife is the best ever. I wanted to have a nice flipping knife to start but i didn’t wanted a trainer because for me at this price range i want it to be functional too. So I looked around and nothing. Until I found a review on the Kirat by WillHirsch. And i immediately looked up and holy mother Russia the best balisongs ever. For this Price TITANIUM CHANNEL balisongs?! You gotta be kidding me. I have been beating this beauty for 3 weeks now and nothing wobbles more then when it came. It’s awesome. If i ever going to get another balisongs it’s going to be an Atropose.

  20. Justin (verified owner)

    Amazing knife, I’ll definitely buy from again

  21. sean steinberg

    Really enjoying this knife i would say this is the 4x series on steroids. only thing I do not like about this knife is the “zen cups” are a bit sharp for my liking.

  22. A. Liu (verified owner)

    I received the Demon latchless. Shipping was faster than expected, took about a month to US. The grind on the blade looks perfect. Bushing tuned smoothly. I highly recommend this balisong!

  23. Gilo Jäger

    extremely beautiful knife. I don´t have the biggest experience with balisongs, but I can´t imagine the price being high for what you get. Just beautiful!

  24. Nick P (verified owner)

    Great knife, really sharp, great flipper!

  25. Ben Cahill

    Honestly, has to be one of the best quality knives I own. I work in a factory and can attest to it being a great edc

  26. JB

    nice balance and After-treatment. well made knife it’s almost masterpiece

  27. Steve H (verified owner)

    This is my second Atropos Knife, If you have some patience these knives are worth every penny, The titanium milled demon blade is a work of art. Zero tap, very sharp and flips perfectly. Words really cant describe the experience of owning one of these. Highly Highly recommend these blades. Also expect only the best customer service. This knife is my ultimate grail and for the price point you really can’t go wrong!

  28. Todd Gass (verified owner)

    This is the first Atropos balisong I have ever purchased, and I am immediately impressed by its quality! The tolerances, finish, design, and materials are all perfect! I have several Benchmades (the 63, 51, and 85) and this captures the classic balisong feel that none of those knives can even come close to touching! If you’re looking for a badass looking, beautifully constructed, and just all-around classic balisong, buy this knife now! I would have been happy paying almost double the price, the quality is just that good! Shipping to Wisconsin, USA took just a few days over a month, with most of that time sitting in customs. I honestly expected a longer wait. I will definitely be buying more!

  29. Mike McClain

    Knife is very well made. Pretty nice finish and overall a good knife. Only reason I give it a 4 of 5 star is because it came a little bit dirty at the pivot area with black grease getting on my finger every time I flipped. They also gave me a N690 steel blade but I ordered D2. It doesn’t make any changes but its just something I want to point out. Overall a very nice knife.

  30. Andrew (verified owner)

    After a bit of cleaning and re-oiling it looks absoluetely amazing. It feels nice and and has decent to good tolerances (its been less than a day since I got the knife at the time of writing this). There are some small issues such as tiny blemishes on the knife and the latch design. If the design of the latch was changed into a female pivot and male screw instead of 1 pivot barrel and 2 male screws, it would be less of a hassle to remove the latch. The blemishes are also forgivable due to the nature of which these knives are made (I’ve heard these knives were hand made rather than CNCed, though I could be wrong). Past these small issues, the knife really is amazing, and the affordable price is the cherry on top. I will definitely be buying more Atropos products in the future.

  31. Kaleb A.

    This knife is worth every penny to say it’s perfect is an understatement this is never leaving my collection

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