Demon bro “Black edition”

(7 customer reviews)

147.00 $95.55 $

Classic style balisong


Steel N690

59 HRC

Titanium liners

G10 overlays

Stainless bushings

Titanium spacers

Blade length 4.25 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 9.84 inch

Titanium latch

Weight 4.6 oz

7 reviews for Demon bro “Black edition”

  1. Bartosz Dolczewski

    Still waiting for my demon bro black edition but i know it’s a great product! Nice support- would recommend.

  2. Big Kaban

    That’s the best flipper i’ve had, leaving behind krake raken and kershaw lucha flytanium mod and it’s just for 150 bucks…. Seriously i dont know how Konstantin is doing that but please dont stop:) Opening this knife was better experience than opening a gift on christmas eve. And with it’s low price I still got extra stuff from this beautiful company.
    Totally worth the money!!!!

  3. Thor (verified owner)

    Amazing knife!
    Very new to balisongs, but have been knife enthusiast for awhile. I have several trainers ( Kershaw, Boker, Triton, etc.) couple live blades including a Maxace Obsidian S. All which I like and all feel different to me.
    On this knife,it feels and looks like it was made for me. Everyone raves on fit and finish. I thought I would be sacrificing trying to stay in budget on a Bro, NOPE! Though I have not purchased a high end Bali yet and have had my eye on several! It will be from here . The only problem is which one!
    On this knife, I think it is alot of knife at amazing weight, which moves effortlessly. I could keep rattling on and on, if you only want one Bali or adding to collection you will be hard pressed to have one to match this company.
    I also received new Boker large tactical same day, it’s ok, but got put down so fast it’s a shame! Should have just applied to my next Atropos blade!
    Beware! This blade will make you sinful!

  4. Tommy o (verified owner)

    I have carried and used Balisongs for nearly 40 years now – purchased countless of them. This is the best Bali that I have ever owned. Enough said.

  5. Little bit flipper.

    This knife is really great! The balance is good, so it’s easy to flip. Smooth handle, cool blade. Everything is my favorite feeling.

  6. lorenzo aresu

    really great bali,exellent Blade,of course One of the best bali for the price,really loving it

  7. Phil (verified owner)

    10/10 Absolutely perfect for what you pay on this, amazing flipper at a reasonable price, the demon bro black edition has incredibly smooth flipping action and a razor sharp blade, will not be my last Atropos that is for sure

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