Demon 2 zen-pins

(17 customer reviews)

245.00 $250.00 $



Steel N690

59 HRC


Full milled titanium handles

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers


Blade length 3.9 inch

Blade thickness 0.11 inch

Full length 9.33 inch

Weight 4.7 oz

Additional information


Classic, Satin

17 reviews for Demon 2 zen-pins

  1. Pedro

    Very good knife overall for the price, the finish si on point, zen pins are very well made, I like the weight, overall a very good flipper, razor sharp.

  2. Walker

    An awesome well balanced knife! Very solid construction and tolerances. The rounded handles are great for fanning tricks and the flat edges are excellent on ladder tricks. Definitely well worth the money!

  3. Rob (verified owner)

    This is the most amazing balisong I have ever felt, the finish, the way it rolls in your hand when you’re flipping, the sound it makes, the fitment accuracy is absolutely perfect, I’ve never held a knife like this in my life. I’m astonished, this beats every other brand of balisong I own hands down in every category, even ball bearing models aren’t like this! Thank you from Canada. Worth every second of the wait. The second it rolls beautifully in your palm as it ever so beautifully clacks open and shut you will be in love, wondering why bother with any of the other companies it’s mind blowing, the squeeze to open the latch is like no other it’s almost as if a spring was in the but there isn’t it’s just amazing craftsmanship. The edge is like a razor it slices paper finely with no effort just the weight of the blade. Thank you for being amazing Atropos!!

  4. Miikka

    I’ve been playing around with this knife for a while now and I can’t use any other word to describe it than amazing.
    I have no idea how, but the Demon 2 beats every other knife I own in flipping. It’s just really smooth and pleasant to use. For many good balisongs one of the biggest issues can be the price, but not for this one. Channel construction titanium handles for this price is really good, never mind the overall quality, which is also great. It’s also probably the sharpest knife I’ve seen out of the box.
    To anyone thinking about getting one of these, just go for it. You won’t be disappointed.
    A huge thanks to Atropos!

  5. aleksi

    received my demon today and after a bit of tinkering i can honestly say it is the best knife ive ever flipped, knew it was gonna be good but didnt expect it to be this smooth, the handles have good grip despite their looks and the balance is ON POINT, at this price point there is no competition, fully recommend it

  6. Logan Felts

    First off I love this knife. Flips amazing, came RAZOR sharp, and I surprisingly don’t find the latch getting in the way while flipping
    at all. But I still took it off. Nice balisong highly recommend

  7. Anthony Drifter Landis

    an absolutely splendid tool for cutting the tongues out of people who oppose my political views.

  8. Jacob Powell (verified owner)

    First impressions always mean a lot and this knife right out of the box is amazing! Fit and finish is very nice. I definitely recommend this knife to anyone looking for a full ti knife for half of what everyone else charges!

  9. Roderick Cruz

    High Quality, custom, beautiful balisong…

  10. Lukas R. (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality and excellently implemented customizing, never fails to stimulate my dopamine receptors.
    Special thanks in aiding and abetting tax evasion.

  11. Wolfgang M.

    Got this knife preused and was still razor sharp, no dents or anything, Incredibily smooth flipper one of my best knives, only peevs are the two types of screws on the knife (two because i have the latchless) other than that it a overall great knife.

  12. Ink (verified owner)

    Knife came razor sharp and buttery smooth right out of the box, an overall great quality blade! Any questions I had were answered relatively quickly and in the end I even received some free accessories with my order.

  13. Jonathan H (verified owner)

    Came with perfect tolerances, no tap and minimal play. I asked for it latcheless and recieved it with no extra charge. Came with a pouch and sheath. There is a slight uneven machining on the spine of the blade where your finger would rest while doing tricks, but nothing that can’t be fixed with some sandpaper

  14. Jacob Cavaliere (verified owner)

    After 2 months, I finally got my Demon 2 in the mail today and I am in complete awe with this knife. I got mine in the satin finish, the laminated pocket clip and the latch because I plan to EDC this knife. Superb quality and flips great. I did have to lube mine up after I opened it as it was slightly sticky. Instead of my knife coming in a box like the ones I’ve seen on the YouTube reviews, it came in an awesome yellow zipper bag. My only gripe is that it did not come with the security torx tools to tune the knife, but that’s fine because you can get them real cheap on Amazon. I would 100% recommend this knife, it really is as good as everyone says it is and it is worth the long wait.

  15. Matthew (verified owner)

    I could not be more satisfied with my purchase!

    I received 2 separate packages here in Canada, and I quickly assembled the final product myself.

    The balisong is absolutely stunningly beautiful and solid, sharp and well balanced and so much fun to flip!

    Super grateful and the price was amazing especially considering two packages were shipped and it only took 1 month total from where I ordered! Thank you!

  16. Trey (verified owner)

    Very good value for the price. For flipping it feels a bit lighter than I expected, which I like. It does fans and rollovers really well and chaplains like a dream. Came with very little play and a little wiggle when checking tap, but no audible tap or blade rub. The grip is also very good despite it looking slippery in some places. It’s an awesome knife for both flipping and edc. Thank you Atropos!

  17. Smkj-7 (verified owner)

    I just received my demon 2 😈 and I love it, it’s so badass!! He has very good tolerance I am satisfied. Thank the team 👌

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