Damascus Trainer Demon

(7 customer reviews)

265.00 $

Great Trainer Balisong from RUSSIA!



Damascus steel (locomotive valve and wheel bearing)

61 HRC

Titanium liners

G10 ( “Broken Stone” finish)

Brass spacers

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers

Zen pins

Blade length 4.33 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 10.5 inch

Weight 4.8 o.z.


Additional information


White, Yellow

7 reviews for Damascus Trainer Demon

  1. Vetal K (verified owner)

    Приехал мой тренировочный балисонг от AtroposKnife.
    Очень крутая вещь. Если Вы фанат флипинга, то этот тренер тот что Вам нужен. Я же взял его в руки впервые, захотел сделать элемент Helix и он получился с первого раза.
    Люфт между ручками и клинком – 1мм, его практически нету.
    Эстетически, он смотрится очень круто вживую, чем на картинке.
    Размер тренера – средний, если сравнивать с моим Custom Damascus Kirat, то он меньше.
    Спасибо Константин и команда AtroposKnife за классную работу!
    Спасибо за бонусы, очень приятно увидеть, то чего не должно было быть в комплекте 🙂

    “Google Translate”

    My training balisong from AtroposKnife has arrived.
    Very cool thing. If you are a fan of flipping, then this coach is the one you need. I picked it up for the first time, grabbed to make a Helix item and got it the first time.
    The backlash between the handles and the blade is 1 mm, it is practically non-existent.
    Aesthetically, he looks very cool live in the picture.
    The size of the balisong is average, compared to my order Damascus Kirat, it is smaller.
    Thanks to Konstantin and the AtroposKnife team for a great job!
    Thanks for the bonuses, very nice to see if something should not be in the complex 🙂

  2. Josh King (verified owner)

    This is my second Atropos bali. The “Coco” Demon Trainer was originally built to my order. So, I’ll review this new Demon trainer as well as compare it to the “Coco”.

    Let me start by saying, I absolutely LOVE this yellow broken stone Demon trainer! The yellow isn’t quite as bright as I expected, but it sits better with the damascus blade as a result. The damascus looks real good. The balance of this bali is just shy of neutral, with a hint of blade bias. Most of my balis tend towards handle bias, but I was quickly able to adjust to this one. As with my last Atropos, it flipped very sluggish out of the box. These balis are assembled with some kind of paste/grease rather than oil. This makes them quiet and tightens up the tolerances a bit, but it takes a bit of flipping to break them in. That being said, the tolerances are not spectacular. After flipping it for a couple hours, I have blade rub/tap on both handles and the pivot screws are still tight. Not a deal breaker though. A lot of balis have rub/tap. For me personally, I find they flip best when there’s a little extra play. The broken stone G10 feels incredible in the hand. It has the normal appropriate amount of slipperiness you expect from G10, but is super easy to grip solid when needed due to the texture. After breaking in, it flips super smooth. The large size gives you more handle room for manipulation and slows it down just a bit, making it easier to control than smaller balis.

    This bali is a full ounce lighter than the “Coco” trainer. The “Coco” is very handle-biased. This one is much more neutral. I find the weight to be perfect for its size. The “Coco” was very tiring to flip. This one I could flip for hours without that level of hand fatigue. I also think the blade profile of this one is a bit more refined than the “Coco”. I can’t really compare the flippability of this bali to anything else. I haven’t flipped anything else that feels quite like it. Overall, a solid bali for the $. If you’re looking at this bali while it is currently on sale and are on the fence, I highly recommend you pull the trigger and give it a shot. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  3. k.w. (verified owner)

    I purchased the yellow version. Its a very big knife but close to the OG bali size traditionally. Not hard to handle but may need some getting use to because of the size and weight. I would recommend trying a smaller trainer like the BRO or Mood version first, then move up into this size class, but if you dare to take on the challenge you will find yourself falling in love flipping this thing. The damascus pattern is beautifully folded and the manufacturing is top quality. In two words, buy one!

  4. Jakub Skrzypek

    I wanted to buy my first good quality balisong and finally decided to buy from Atropos Knifes. I’m NOT disapointed. Contact with Konstantin was clear and helpful for me. The delivery took long but it was worth every minute. Knife flips like a dream. Balance and tap are perfect for me. The diffrence between my old cheap balisong and new one are visible even for beginners. I love the mix of damascus and white texture on the handles (looks even better live than on website). The design is well built and elegant. Plus, I had recived extra leather case and some more gadgets. If I will consider buying next bali most likely I’ll choose Atropos. 10/10 would recomend to anyone.

  5. Cosimo Marino (verified owner)

    This is one of the best knife I ever had, it’s a pretty big knife, his balance it’s just perfect, it’s easy to flip, but if that will be your first knife you might find some difficult while doing some tricks, the design is perfect, the handle texture is really comfortable and it feel soft while using it, the damascus blade look really good and elegant. Konstantin is the best customer I ever spoke to. I received a leather case and some stickers in the package. Atropos Knife is a 10/10, just try a shot and buy one of those knife, you will not be disappointed.

  6. Lucas Barros (verified owner)

    sensational knife, very balanced, makes you want to flippando all day, very good finish g10, only the part of titanium that I found too thin, but does not affect at all in the matter of flipping

  7. lorenzo (verified owner)

    really cool trainer,awesome grip and It Is very smooth

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