Each knife is unique and has no analogues in the world. All drawings are created by ourself thanks to the sick mind we have.

Reliable delivery

We send all parcels by air. If a courier loses our parcel - we eat him.


All our products have a warranty. You can always have your money back or demand for repair parts. It's a joke.


If I take the order nothing could stop me to complete it.


Choose your destiny


Without a doubt, this is the most popular balisong in our assortment of knives from ATROPOSKNIFE.

Kratos Lite

Demon CB

Our clients constantly write positive feedbacks and send us photo with cut off fingers.


From Poland

No cuts no glory! Second day trying record combo and cut in same situation :|



From USA

Got bit #balisong #balisongtricks #dangeroustoys #knifepic



From Poland

... : ) : ) : )... @atroposknife