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145.00 $


Steel D2

60 HRC

Full milled aluminium handless

Bronze washers

Stainless steel bushings

Blade thickness 3,8 mm.

Blade length 110 mm.

Full length 265 mm.

Weight 150 gramm

8 reviews for KRATOS Lite

  1. Hannes (verified owner)

    this is a nice ballanced (this is with brass spacers) beautiful knife, bushing system is perfect tuned.. so there is no tap very little play and nice sound, sharp as all from atropos 🙂 thxxx!!!

  2. adwarr92 (verified owner)

    Awesome balisong everything about it is flawless

  3. Michael Kern

    Definitely one of the best balisongs I’ve ever flipped in this price range. Awesome tuned bushing system and it’s sound is amazing. Thanks for a fast delivery and an uncomplicated transaction.

  4. deadxmang

    Good sharp knife nice handles and flips are fun !.

    But the screws / hardware is really weak and strips super easily!!! . 🙁 now have to buy some easy out bits to try and fix the one handles..

    I like the knife but wish it came with some T10 steel hard ware instead

    Had the knife less then a week

  5. Ethan Tawney

    Incredible. Just incredible. Beautiful knife with awesome bushing system, no tap straight out of the mail and so sharp it’s crazy. The long shipping is totally worth it.

  6. javari

    Would this get into NewZealand?

    • admin

      Yes. No problem.

  7. Putin

    Would you ship the Knife to germany ?

    • admin


  8. ARO

    Czy istnieje możliwość odrobienia do niego ostrza treningowego ?

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